museum of sound
museum of sound

Sound can create other types of emotional response than any other media or art forms.

The Museum of Sound is a nomadic and in flux, but will always be rooted in the essence of sound. There is not a specific place where the museum exists. We underline the message that the museum of sound can exist in varied forms and sizes, also physical and media based. Either as a physical changing place or on other platforms like the Internet, musical releases or within printed publications.

We have a loose and ever changing network of fellow artists working in the field of art, sound and music. In past decades we have organized hundreds of events of various formats and sizes all around the world. One can easily suggest that this is not any solid group of artists at all. It doesn't matter, it's more question of will to change the world by doing artistic acts. The events are a contemporary manifestation of the Museum of Sound. The events can be physical or virtual in the web. They are there already; they don't need to be invented.

The project explores how venues of completely different kinds can be used for fusing music, other arts and various social activities. Potential venues can range from the established to the un-established, for example a courtyard, warehouse, empty store or basically any location dependent on the character of the specific project. The selections of venues are ranging from uncommon, public spaces to non-public. The selected venues and what we choose to program shall have an element of the unexpected.

As part of the program we are including a range of different artists, were many already interact as part of loose and changing network. This network has been created through the many events that has been taken place, were as artists has collaborated and developed new projects together.

This project will collect reference projects and key people to create a program that investigates sound art and the use of sound in contemporary art. Linking the overlapping fields of contents is significantly missing. There are large sound archives online, collections of records. We want to suggest that these events are a contemporary manifestation of the Museum of Sound.

Since we are now in a situation were physical events are challenging. Activities related to meeting and travelling are under changing regulations. We therefore would like to start the project with a series of listening rooms.

The listening rooms will take place in sites we find architecturally and conceptually interesting. We will stage music event with diverse musicians or sound artists. The events will have a different contextual frame and the result will be unpredictable and experimental. One of the aims is to broaden the perspectives and to make organizers rethink the way they program. We would aim to inspire others to create artistically innovative events, various art or sound museums in other words.

The initiative of The Museum of Sound -concept was the follow up of conversations we had with a range of peers while preparing the exhibition Mika Vainio 50Hz at Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki in autumn 2020. There are numerous thematic that could be explored further.

Rikke Lundgreen and Tommi Grönlund - 15.2.2021